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Body Butter Cream

Body Butter Cream line consists of 4 top quality products.

The line, complete manicure professional to a high level of treatment, but it is much more.

Devised with a composition rich in nutrient elements, with the goal of an absolute customer satisfaction, it is a product of great performance also for the whole body and the feet.

Delicate and elegant fragrances with the contribution of vitamins and natural elements for a brightening effect, nourishing, non-invasive and fast result.

vanilla bean & sugar

Vanilla contains polyphenols, which fights free radicals that cause skin aging. Increase the efficacy of detergents, being an aldehyde with antimicrobial properties. Sugar, with glycolic acid is a natural exfoliant, and an ideal antiseptic because cleans and kills bacteria naturally. Also it is a moisturizer to the skin because capturing the humidity of the exterior and holds it.

pomegranate & fig

The pomegranate has a protective effect, and regenerating of the cells, promoting tissue repair. It contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins and slows cell aging and reducing hyper- pigmentation. Effective normalizing oily skin. The fig, adds, well-known properties, such as its large anti-inflammatory and soothing.

coconut & white ginger

Of the coconut we use beta-carotene, stimulating and protective, moisturizing fatty acids, that being fat-soluble, penetrate the dermis making skin much softer. Ginger can activate contrast to stains of the skin that appear with age. It contains many elements for regenerating a smoother and toned skin.

milk & honey

The milk has great restorative properties and cell renewal for the great contribution of vitamins and minerals. The honey, well known for its calming properties and anti-inflammatory. With reconstructive effects and healing properties, nourishing the nerves also subcutaneous, with deeply hydrating helps. In addition, it purifies and regenerate the skin as treatments against acne, with beneficial antibacterial and antiseptic.

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